Safe Paypal payment


Transactions going through PayPal follow a few steps, from accepting the request to the paiement and reviews. Here's a complete description.

The following steps occur in a paid transaction processed by PayPal in a Sharetribe marketplace:

1 - The seller posts a listing and defines a price for the product or service.

2 - The buyer opens the listing page, selects options (dates, shipping, quantity...) and clicks on the "Buy" button (or whatever name you've configured).

3 - On the following page, the buyer reviews the details of the purchase and clicks "Checkout with PayPal". They are taken to PayPal to complete the payment.

4 - Once the payment is done, the buyer is taken to a page that displays the transaction details. They are told that the seller needs to accept the transaction before the money is transferred.

5 - The seller gets an email notification of a new transaction that needs to be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days, the transaction is canceled and no money is transferred. Once accepted, the money (minus PayPal's payment processing fee) is transferred to the seller's PayPal account. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction via email.

6 - If the marketplace administrator has set a transaction fee for the marketplace, a second transaction is made automatically. The transaction fee is moved from the seller's PayPal account to the marketplace administrator's PayPal account.

7 - Both users can then discuss freely to agree on details. When the order is completed (users have met, product is delivered...), they can mark the order as completed

8 - Users can then review each other.

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