Everything about Artshare.


Globally we connect artists directly to the buyer contemporary affordable art

"Artshare.eu is more then an online marketplace for art. It is an “ lifestyle brand”  that wants to create a atmosphere were artlovers feel connected with, straight from the heart".

We work with mood walls to create this atmosphere.

We want to be creative and transparent.

We want to be different and think art of the box.
Why should a small company not rent their art directly from the artist?
There is so much hidden work in ateliers from artist that can be rented to a company.
The artist will get a monthly income and can sell his work later.

We want to make art accessible and affordable to everyone.
The artist can choose if he wants to rent or sell his work.

The platform makes it possible to scale to other countries.
The portfolio of the work at artshare.eu will be bigger in time.
There are no limits.

Verification is a process in the platform that we pay close attention to.
This allows us to guarantee the authenticity of an object or identity of the artist or buyer.

After purchasing or booking an art object, the parties give each other a review and a rating.
These reviews will remain so that you get an image of the owner and user.

I hope you join us with your Art on Artshare.eu and share this with others.
We are constantly looking for professional artist of contemporary art, support wil be given and we help you further.

"As a local you can rent art safe and buy your art safe global"

"Think art of the box"

All you can art you will find here!

"Team Artshare.eu"

Co founder Arthur Andreas

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  • Finding artist on the map.
  • Community
  • Following artist. you receive a email when artist post new listings.
  • Reviews
  • Reviews and Ratings to gave the artist trust.
  • Comments
  • Public discussion about the artist.
  • Contact Artists
  • Contact the artist directly.
  • Professionals
  • Professional artists who already proven themselves in exhibitions or galleries.
  • Selection
  • Artshare.eu search, recruit and select the artist themself.