Everything about Artshare.


Artshare for professional artist or photographers

Artsahare.eu is made for artist to make a online platform that makes it easier to sell your work abroad or even rent your art in the area were you live.

Make yourself free from the gallery and promote yourself and your art on your own page. We will help you promoting your art in mail marketing that will reach thousands of clients weekly. On social media Twitter, instagram, Pinterest and Facebook you will be promoted.

We will select the artist (painters or photographers) ourselves. We will stay in contact with them and do not charge any fees for unlimited listing of their work.

We will coach them during the period about promoting, delivering periods sending and taxes. Only we charge a fee when the consumer is booking a work for buy or for rent. The only goal of artshare.eu is connecting and promoting the artist with selected consumers. We bring them together on one platform were you can buy or sell safe your art works.

See how simple it is to join us

  • Advertising
  • Email marketing to more than 10,000 customers and artists.
  • Register free
  • Not registering fee. Simply, we only charge for reservation for the artist.
  • Exclusivity
  • We do not ask exclusivity. The artist can still display his work in the galleries.
  • Tool
  • We have a tool where the artist can rent, it works easily. You can change individual paintings from buy to rent in one click.
  • Target
  • Clients in dispute are expatriates, accessible contemporary artlovers, high educational level, travelers aged between 28 and 60 used to deal with internet platforms.